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Night Visits by Jordan SIlver

Night Visits - Jordan Silver

This was a very erotic and hilarious book.  I did not know where the story was going to take us.


There was sooooo much sex. Everything from gentle love making to some mild D/s. *wiping sweat from brow*


The main character Tamara was soooo funny.  I think she is actually crazy. Donovan is crazy too but in a different way.  Crazy possessive and very dominant.


I really liked this book.

Three Little Words (Fool's Gold #12)

Three Little Words  (Fool's Gold #12) - Susan Mallery Love Fool's Gold!

Byte Marks (Fated Mates, Inc. Series)

Byte Marks - Lea Barrymire Just want to say "wow". :PVery nice book (really hot). Loved the characters. Too bad it's just a short story.

Taming the Bachelor (Moretti Novels, #1)

Taming the Bachelor (Moretti Novels, #1) - M.J. Carnal The story was interesting. I liked the fact that the bad boy who will never settles meets the right girl that changes all that. BUT.... the whole thing with going behind Sophie's back to surprise her by inviting her sister to LA for a whole week before asking her to marry him. Having the sister pick out the engagement ring and the house they will live in. And the sister inviting herself to live with them. Then because he never shared it with anyone he is shocked that Sophie believes he is cheating on her. He lies and says he has a busy week at work, but when calling his office his secretary says he's out for the week. Way to go. He knows how her Ex cheated on her and he is shocked that she is upset. How he can't be with someone who doesn't trust him. mmmmm....LOL his actions provoked this mistrust. Then she is the one begging for forgiveness. Did he not even think why it all looked wrong? Usually a couple would pick the ring and pick the house their going to live in. Not the sister. What an IDIOT!!!!

To Wed A Werewolf

To Wed A Werewolf - Kryssie Fortune The book was Hot but the MC was just so arrogant and annoying. He did not deserve the h.


Him - Carey Heywood I liked the book, but it's kind of sad how lack of communications brings so much heartache.Some SPOILERS:Two people who seems to love each other so much but one or two people say something and Sarah just runs. She has some big self-esteem issues (why I don't know. She has a great family and she is pretty). And him, Will...when it's asked why he didn't come after her, he said that he did, but he saw her get out of a car with another guy and ASSUMED that she had moved on. That guy was her friend's boyfriend. Another missed opportunity to straighten things out. :(I will probably read Her when it comes out. I believe it's the telling of the same story but from HIS point of view. The ending of Him leaves things hanging so I don't know if their HEA is address further in Her.

Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits (Austen Takes The South #1)

Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits (Austen Takes The South #1) - Mary Jane Hathaway A bit long and mentions religion a lot. No sex!The story is still pretty good and I enjoyed it.


Penelope - Anya Wylde I really enjoyed this book.

Razer's Ride (The Last Riders, #1)

Razer's Ride (The Last Riders, #1) - Jamie Begley I normally don't read MC books but I liked the summary.I know that this club had a "free love" rule but OMG!!! I am totally not into that. Even the other MC in the story said: “How you man­age that man, my bitch would cut my balls off in my sleep, if I touched an­oth­er bitch.” I mean come on. The whole MC (chapter) had not one steady couple. Orgies every Friday night and no one was ever jealous of each other!!!I really didn't see where Razer changed. When did he fall in love? He had sex with Beth and enjoyed it but he never knew her until the end. How could anyone think that she would forgive them (as the whole group) after the way they treated her. (even though they had good intention for their MC, Somebody could have given her a bit of a heads up. Stopped by and told her that she had to stay away from the club until this business was over). Terrible betrayal that should never been forgiven.But this is a book that needed a HEA. So all is forgiven. Blah!

Love You to Death

Love You to Death - Shannon K. Butcher This was definitely a creepy book. The serial killer in this was super scary. Trent, ex-cop/neighbor of missing sister, was strong but damaged by past guilt. Elise, her sister is missing, didn't back down from any challenge (which to me made her a danger to herself). The sex was hot and the suspense gave me plenty of anxiety. :P

Brave Girl (Girl Series #2)

Brave Girl (Girl Series #2) - Kate Baum I really loving this series. Lou is great. Strong, sexy and patient with Eve.I would love a novella (or 2) with the other women at the reservation. (Lauren Julia and Cora).It would be great to see if there is something with Lauren and Cash.:P


Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout This book was really good. I'm not usually into the whole alien/human love stories, but this one was different.It was interesting to watch Hunter change from a completely unfeeling (actually he had feelings. angry ones) towards anyone to caring about and loving Serena. Serena on the other hand was a bit annoying with the whole stop bossing me around bit. Hunter loved that about her. He loved to annoy her and get an angry response.. (sounds like most men).Thank you to the friends to recommend this book. (Alisa and Ornella):*

Romeo and Judy Anne (Texas One Night Stands, #2)

Romeo and Judy Anne  (Texas One Night Stands, #2) - Joan Reeves This was a very good book. Each of the characters came with some trauma from their lives and still found love. Both weren't looking for love either.I loved that Roman chased after Judy Anne. Something he has never done for another woman. I love the realization Judy Anne had. Loving Roman without know if he loved her.

Forgotten Sins (Sins Brothers, #1)

Forgotten Sins - Rebecca Zanetti Great book. Loved the action and the hot gray brothers. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

A Second Chance

A Second Chance - Rebecca Harper I really liked this story. You can tell the two main characters loved each other very much but circumstances and other things got in the way and caused a rift in their marriage.The H, Dylan, got a second chance with his life and his marriage. Beautifully told.The villain in the story was obvious to me, but there were certain surprises.I thoroughly enjoyed this book.


Tangled - Emma Chase OMG!!! Loved this book. It had me laughing and glued to the story. By telling it from Drew's point of view was awesome.He's a guy. A dog. And what's worse is that he is rich and very good looking and he knows it. Everyone kisses up to him and he never had to work hard for a woman's attention. Even from his family. He admits that he is well loved and spoiled by the women in his family.All the honestly from the man's point of view was perfect. We can think badly about it (them), but in reality we knew his words were true.So glad that Kate was a strong and smart woman. She was his perfect match in business and in pleasure. I hope to see them in whatever future books in this series.